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Members of the public who are seeking a paralegal to assist with a legal matter should be aware that paralegals in Ohio may not provide legal services or advice except under the direct supervision of an attorney.


The Cincinnati Paralegal Association does not provide legal services to the public or make referrals to paralegals or attorneys for the purpose of providing legal services.


If you need legal representation, please contact one of the following resources:

Cincinnati Bar Association - Lawyer Referral Service - 513-381-8359

Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati - 513-241-9400

Hamilton County Public Defender's Office - 513-946-3700

Need an Attorney Outside the Cincinnati Area?

Northern Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service (859) 781-1300

Dayton, OH Lawyer Referral Service (937) 222-6102

Columbus, OH Lawyer Referral Service (614) 221-0754

Indianapolis, IN Lawyer Referral Service (317) 269-2222